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find child-friendly destinations on the go

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Going out with your little ones in London just got easier.

Whether you're in dire need of a baby changing station, searching for a café or restaurant that are buggy- and breastfeeding-friendly, hunting for toys and clothing, or looking for a softplay spot for your toddler, WowMum's got it all... and more!

Let WowMum be your perfect companion when it comes to coordinating a great day out, planning a play date, or exploring new destinations.

Download our App to access thousands of family-friendly locations throughout London, so you'll never be in a tight spot.

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Our Unique


Great attention to detail

Baby changing? Affirmative.
High chairs? Oh yes.
Kids menu? No problemo.
Buggy access? Breastfeeding-friendly? Toys and crayons? Play areas?
You name it, we've checked it.

Noise- and hassle-free

Say goodbye to ploughing through page after page of forum discussions and magazines for suitable destinations.
We brings you only relevant information in a clean and sleek interface, allowing you to filter out whatever you don't need.

Exactly where you are

Find what's happening around you,
not something 10 miles away.
Join fellow parents to rate, review, and share local gems.

just 1 Tap Away

Find us on iPhone or Android
for things you love to plan for
(eating out, baby yoga...),
or things you can't plan for, like emergency nappy changing.

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